Look! There’s a Toaster in This Kitchen Drawer

published Oct 22, 2014
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(Image credit: Anne Michaelsen Design)

Take a look at this kitchen setup. Yes, that’s a plugged-in toaster in the drawer. What an interesting idea, with some drawbacks if used unsafely (hello, house fire!) but also some advantages if you’re smart about it. Would you ever do this?

It looks like this drawer has an electrical outlet behind it and the toaster stays plugged in. The drawer is not only deep enough for a toaster, but also designed to hold a bread box. The espresso machine and mugs are just above, so one tidy station holds the breakfast basics.

The concern about this, of course (and any solution where you put electric appliances in a drawer) is safety. What if that drawer closes with the toaster still on? Would the heat be dangerous for the drawers above it? Is there an automatic off switch?

But, like other similar solutions — keeping a hair-dryer in a bathroom drawer, for instance, which I do personally — safety is all in the use. If the drawer is always open when using the toaster, then this is a nice way to corral it and keep it out of sight. It also catches all the crumbs; just brush out the drawer or vacuum it with a hand vac every so often and you keep the floors and counter clean.

Interesting solution, right? Do you do this? Or do you keep any other plugged-in kitchen appliances in a drawer?