Look! Susy’s Perfectly Organized Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

2009_03_16-Kitchen.jpgWe are so blown away by the kitchen storage in this house tour just posted at Apartment Therapy. It’s a compact studio galley, with some great ideas for real-life kitchen organization, and just to put it over the top, the owner takes her chief design inspiration from David Lance Goines. Goines is perhaps best known for his iconic posters and illustrations for Chez Panisse, and we are huge fans of his too. Take a look at Susy’s perfect kitchen, and see the tips we found most helpful.

Susy says that her proudest DIY in the whole apartment is the kitchen. It was important to her that the kitchen not only look beautiful, but that it would actually work.

1 The white cabinets were actually intended for a garage, and they were bought on clearance.
2 She also repurposed a metal closet shelf for her pots and pans. She says that this is what saves the kitchen. “Lots of storage on top and EVERYTHING hangs here.” The buckets hold all her baking ingredients, and again their uniformity helps everything blend together and feel more open. Also note the dish drainer above the sink: it’s another repurposed closet basket/shelf.
3 One of the best ways to open up a tiny kitchen is to pick one color then stick with it. White is ideal, and Susy creates an open, airy feel with white shelves, white dishes, and white storage.
4 You can see a Goines poster here in this shot.
5 A shelf above the refrigerator holds the microwave, and above that is Susy’s “appliance garage,” hidden by a large wooden cutting board hanging from cup hooks. Her most-used appliances (Kitchenaid mixer, hand blender, Magic Bullet, and slow cooker) stay out, but more live in this appliance garage. Also, she says she used inexpensive foam molding to make the spice rack.

There are so many great ideas packed into this one tiny space! What’s your favorite?

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(Images: Susy Hammermeister)