Look! Susan’s Kitchen Computer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Yesterday we asked you about the things that are inspiring you in the kitchen. In response, Susan wrote in to say that her new kitchen computer has been very inspirational lately! Read on to see what she says, and how this nifty computer was installed for her.

Susan says:

I’ve been wanting a kitchen computer for a long time. I have a Macbook, and every time I bring it into the kitchen my skin crawls,because I am so worried about spilling something on it.

My husband, Grant, was able to get this old Gateway from his work for $100. He painted it red for me, fabricated a wall mount, and just yesterday he finally hung it and I’ve put all of my recipes on it.

We’ll clean up the cords and everything, but I couldn’t wait to start using it. The first thing I made using it – Snickerdoodles! They are Grant’s favorite cookies, and I figured it would be fitting.

On the cooking agenda this week:
• Avocado Butter
• Pesto Lasagna
• Dandelion Bread
• Apple Pie

Wow, thank you Susan for sharing! This looks great. A long time ago I lived with a family who had also done this: rigged up a computer with a small screen in the kitchen, designated just for recipes and grocery lists. If you use online recipes or keep your shopping lists in a more electronic way, it is indeed useful to have a designated computer for the kitchen — no more worries about flour in your laptop keyboard.

Do you have a computer in the kitchen?

(Image: Susan)