Look! Super-Quick Defrosting on Granite Countertops

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

These bags were full of hard blocks of frozen, homemade chicken stock. By the time we prepped our ingredients for the soup we were making, the ones sitting on our granite countertops were almost fully liquid, while one bag that was on the edge of the stovetop was still frozen solid. Why is that?

We know granite isn’t everyone’s cup of tea around here, but it does have a remarkable ability to defrost things. We’ll leave a frozen chicken breast out (in a plastic bag, for all of you ready to wave your disinfecting wipes in protest) and it’ll be soft and pliable in half the time it would take sitting in the sink or on another surface.

We’ve read plenty about how granite does not conduct heat. But it’s obviously “pulling out” the cold from food. What’s going on here, exactly? We’re no scientists. Anyone out there have a good explanation?