Look! Stove Grates Turned Into Kitchen Art

(Image credit: Jill Slater)

Here’s a lovely little piece of kitchen art that I spotted in yesterday’s house tour at Apartment Therapy. Look at this collection of sculptural objects; do you recognize them?

At first I thought they were iron trivets (which would also make an excellent arrangement for a kitchen wall) but they’re actually gas stove grates, the iron coils and spikes that hold your pot up over the flame.

I don’t know where Doryn, the homeowner, found these grates, but I do know that vintage grates can be found on eBay, Etsy, and websites of companies who restore vintage stoves. These things also show up in scrap metal yards and in secondhand shops.

I love the way these look on the wall in a very modern, sleek kitchen; they call back to an older sort of stove and kitchen, and keep the whole space warm and grounded while being a very sculptural sort of art.

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(Image: Jill Slater)