Look! Sexy Rice Cooker Design

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We frankly never thought we’d be calling a rice cooker sexy. But this design concept from Sang Jang Lee really deserves the description. In fact, it was designed to be sculptural and decorative as well as functional. Read on for more photos and to see how it would work!

The designer says that the top pedal on the rice cooker would be a touch panel that lets you control the machine, and it would tip forward at the end of cooking to release steam from the rice.

It’s just a concept right now, although there is clearly a prototype that’s been built. Would you buy a sleek rice cooker like this? We admit that it’s more attractive than those squat rice pots we normally see. We don’t eat so much rice so we just use a pot on the stove to cook it, but we understand that a rice cooker is absolutely standard in some households.

What do you think? Would you trade yours in for one of these? (via Yanko Design)

• Visit the designer’s website: Sang Jang Lee

(Images: Sang Lee)