Look! Roast Chicken and Zuni Bread Salad

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It looks like many of you are enjoying fresh spring meals as part of this week’s Cure assignment. Look at this lovely roast chicken from Flickr member rsun78. It’s not easy to make chicken and salad look so good – lovely shot! We’re inspired to roast a chicken and also make that famous Zuni bread salad, or something like it. Here are a couple recipes to try…

That famous salted Zuni method is now our favorite way to prep a bird, and the bread salad here is also inspired by their classic recipe. Ours is a littler darker, a little more suited to early spring, with pumpernickel and bitter greens.

Check back tomorrow for another look at the Cure and the process of readying our kitchens for spring, summer, and harvest.

(Image: Flickr member rsun78)


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