Look! Ravioli with an Egg Yolk Inside

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How simple and elegant- a single egg yolk nestled into a ravioli shell. If you’re into homemade pasta and have steady hands, it certainly makes for a pretty presentation when you cut into the ravioli filling and a fresh, sunny egg yolk comes out.

We saw this on Martha Stewart’s TV show last week; it’s from the chef of the Bedford Post restaurant in Bedford, NY. And in case you think eating an entire bowl of egg yolks sounds too rich, read on. It’s served in an interesting way…

Each portion is served as a trio, with three ravioli strung together, each with a different filling. The egg yolk is in the middle, but there’s a ricotta filling on one side and a spinach on the other. So you have other complementary flavors on the plate and aren’t eating a huge share of eggs.

The process is not easy. It didn’t look that way on television and doesn’t read that way in the recipe. But the hardest part is definitely rolling out the pasta and getting the egg yolk to stay put without breaking. The other two fillings are fairly straightforward. And the sauce is a simple brown butter.

If you’re adventurous, it looks delicious.

Get the recipe: Soft Farm Egg Ravioli, from Martha Stewart