Look Out Above: More Colorful Kitchen Ceilings

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Kitchens are such task-oriented spaces that a playful, colorful ceiling might be just what it takes to remember that the kitchen’s also a room for fun. We’ve rounded up colorful kitchen ceilings before and there are lots more out there to share, so here’s a second dose:

1 This kitchen has color covered, and pattern, too.
2 Bold and beautiful purple in a large kitchen area (with equal interest underfoot!).
3 Okay, this isn’t exactly colorful, but that black ceiling is gorgeous.
4 A rich, tiled coffered ceiling lends an old-world feeling to this kitchen.
5 The color in the ceiling and walls of this kitchen set off the white cabinets and countertop.

6 That strong green color of the kitchen cabinets can only be matched by such a bold, patterned ceiling.
7 Color’s not only introduced by paint – it can be brought on by material, too.
8 We can’t imagine this eclectic kitchen with a plain white ceiling.
9 This bold color and pattern might be too much of a distraction in the kitchen.
10 One more example of introducing color by means other than paint. Here, it’s wallpaper!