Look! No-Bake Maple Granola Clusters

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It turns out this is all possible thanks to a tasty recipe from Kitchen Simplicity. If you’ve ever made granola bars at home, the method for this recipe is quite similar: you’re heating the liquid ingredients (in this case, maple syrup) on the stove-top and pouring them over the dry ingredients; it all firms up beautifully as it cools. 

Because it’s no-bake, it’s quick and easy to make — a great new essential for those who don’t have the 30 minutes or so to wait for a homemade batch of granola to bake (and additional time for it to cool). The clusters are wonderful on their own as a snack, layered into a parfait for breakfast, or you can simply break them up a bit and use them as you would a traditional morning cereal. And as is the case with most granola recipes, it’s infinitely adaptable: feel free to fold in any toasty nuts or dried fruits you’d like. 

Try the Recipe: No-Bake Maple Walnut Granola Clusters from Kitchen Simplicity