Look! Mondrian Cake from Blue Bottle Coffee Bar in SF Moma

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Now here’s an amazing, conceptual cake to inspire all the home bakers out there. It combines modern art and delicious flavors, two of my favorite things on Earth.

The Blue Bottle Coffee Bar in the SF Moma is such a wonderful stop while taking in the museum. I find I cannot be a good observer of art without proper fueling, so I’m always on the lookout for great museum cafes. A few months ago, I happily dined on a immensely flavorful slice of this Mondrian-inspired cake and a lovely cappuccino. I was just as dazzled by this edible work of art as I was the hanging work on the walls. Not only was it incredible to behold, it was marvelous in flavor and texture. Made up of vanilla, red velvet and chocolate ganache, it was complex and delicious.