Look! Mini Mince Pies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Mini pies! We love mini cakes, mini burgers, mini pies – what is it about the mini-ness that makes food so appealing? Take these mini mince pies, for instance.

Mince pie is one of those strong, robust holiday favorites that only comes once a year. Really – when else do you see mince pie? We love that rich, spicy filling – but an entire piece is usually a bit too much. These mini pies are a much better vessel for that filling.

• See original photo: Boxing Day Mince Pies by Flickr member ~Prescott, licensed for use under Creative Commons.

What other kinds of pies do you like in mini form? We’re big fans of lemon meringue in tiny phyllo shells, too. Mini pies, by the way, are fully qualified for our Best Pie Bakeoff.


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