Look! "Kitchen Gadget" - What Is It?

Look! "Kitchen Gadget" - What Is It?

Faith Durand
May 11, 2009

When I saw this small package at a cooking shop in San Francisco, I knew I had to have it. What is it? It's a... it's... a... kitchen gadget!

I mean, I know there are many, many kitchen gadgets out there — many unitaskers to lure us into purchase with promises of ease and convenience, only to clutter up our cupboards for years afterwards.

But I had never seen a kitchen tool labeled so clearly and unabashedly: Kitchen Gadget.

Do you know what this is? Any guesses?

It's an egg pricker! An egg pricker, or egg piercer, is a little pin you set the egg on. It pierces a pinprick hole in a raw egg, and supposedly it keeps the egg from cracking while boiling.

I've never used such a thing and my boiled eggs turn out just fine, but apparently in some countries (like Germany, according to the good people at KIOSK) people wouldn't dream of boiling an egg without using an egg pricker on it first. Have you ever used one?

Do you have a mystery gadget lurking in your kitchen? Maybe you unearthed something strange during your Kitchen Cure work? Send us a photo and we'll post it.

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(Images: Faith Durand)

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