A Cake for Cool Spells in Summer: Hazelnut Mandarin Polenta Cake

published Jul 25, 2012
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s hard for me to resist the urge to bake on the rare summer day when the temperature dips enough so that the idea of turning on the oven isn’t insane. We had such a day in New York City this past weekend, and not only did I whip up some great cupcakes, I sat next to a guy proudly carrying a large blueberry cobbler on the subway. Baking was in the air! Which is why I couldn’t resist the look of this amazing cake.

Hazelnut Mandarin Polenta Olive Oil Cake. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Despite a super fancy title, this cake has a pretty simple list of ingredients (not counting the mandarin infused olive oil, which you can replicate using oranges or even lemons). It looks perfectly dense and you can practically see the olive oil flavor bursting from the slice. Here’s hoping for another cool NYC baking afternoon soon!

Did you have cooler weather this past week? Did you turn on the oven?

(Image: Jason Gibb)