Kitchen Storage Idea: Hang and Frame Your Utensils

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week Jessica asked for good ways to store utensils off the countertop, and we suggested hanging them on the wall. Well, here courtesy of IKEA Hacker, winner of the Home Tech category in this year’s Homies Awards, is a way to take your utensil wall display to a whole new level!

Michelle has the same problem as Jessica: No counter space. So she used an IKEA RIBBA frame and a long door handle to create a symmetrical, playful display of her utensils on the wall, with a magnetic spice rack underneath.

We like this idea: Framing and displaying your wall storage areas makes them look more intentional and purposeful, and it also highlights the best tools of a cook’s kitchen!

See more about how Michelle did this project over at IKEA Hacker:

The art of cooking utensils at IKEA Hacker

Do you have any tools on the wall in your kitchen?

(Image: Michelle of Part-Time Therapy)