The Easiest Way to Preserve Late Summer Produce: Freezer Slaw!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’re much into canning, you’ve likely turned towards fall jams and apple butter at this point in the year. Maybe you’re preserving the last of those early fall tomatoes. But wait just one minute! We’ve discovered a use for sweet peppers and tomatoes that’s even easier than canning — and just as delicious. Freezer slaw.

Food writer Sheri Castle recently wrote a piece on peppers of all sorts for NPR. In the piece, she discusses different kinds of peppers and how to properly roast ripe peppers … and then, there’s that freezer slaw.

Freezer slaw is essentially a combination of cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, a slew of spices and a few other ingredients. You bring them all to a boil and then, instead of canning the old-fashioned way (which often scares so many folks away) you simple refrigerate or freeze it. Castle insists that the slaw maintains its crunchy integrity and delicious flavor in the freezer for up to three months just fine. She suggests using it to dress up hot dogs, sandwiches or as an accompaniment to soups or a pot of lentils.

Try the Recipe: Freezer Slaw at NPR

(Image: Sheri Castle for NPR)