Look! Food Pairings As Pantone Chips

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen food-as-Pantone-chips (remember these cute Pantone tarts?) but it’s still fun to see what designers come up with. The latest version from Minneapolis-based art director David Schwen offers a twist on the meme by combining commonly paired foods, instead of colors! Schwen started a hashtag #pantonepairings on Instagram to share his creations:

As Mr. Schwen said about the project:

As a designer, you’re constantly picking color chips and pairing them up with one another. A while back I had an idea of making Pantone chips out of real household objects–sponges, cardboard, and the like. But while I was finishing up a poster design, I had taped two Pantone chips together to see how they looked next to one another. Instantly I thought of how people pair food together, and that was that. Pantone pairings.

You can see all of the Pantone pairings through Mr. Schwen’s Instagram. Prints coming soon through the project’s website.

Fun! The strawberries and chocolate is my favorite.

(Images: David Schwen)