Look! Food Flags For The Sydney International Food Festival

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The advertising agency WHYBIN hired for the Sydney International Food Festival is so clever – they’ve come up with a really neat concept to promote the festival by creating food flags for the various countries represented. Each food flag contains a food that is generally identified with that country, and as a bonus, the color of the food corresponds with the color of the flag!

I think they did a really great job, although I am not sure what dragonfruit and starfruit have to do with China – I associate those more with Southeast Asia. If it was me, I would have used sichuan peppers for the red background and for the stars, maybe tofu, bamboo, or a fried wonton skin cut in the appropriate shapes.

I was trying to come up with other flags. For the Irish flag, I think potatoes could represent the white, Irish cheddar for the orange, and cabbage for the green. Representing the Russian flag, perhaps borscht for the red and sour cream or blinys for the white, but I am not sure about the blue part of the flag. The flag of Germany – maybe beer for the yellow, sausages or cold cuts for the red, and dark sausages, dark bread, or dark beer for the black. Poland could be kielbasa and potatoes (red and white.)

This is fun! What would you suggest for more flags?