Look! DIY Garlic (and Herb) Salt

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lynne Rossetto Kasper and Sally Schneider of MPR’s The Splendid Table are two of my most favorite and trusted cooks, so I was excited to discover this video of the two of them cooking together. (Well, actually Lynne is mostly holding a microphone but her questions and comments are spot-on as usual.) At first I wasn’t so sure about the subject matter: a recipe for a homemade garlic herb salt. Do I really need another flavored salt in my pantry? Turns out the answer is yes!

Garlic salt is one of those ingredients I never buy, mostly because I just don’t care for the acrid taste of dried garlic but also because most commercial brands’ ingredient list are not very palatable (some even include sugar!) But I’m convinced after watching this video that a homemade version is a thing onto itself and should not be judged by the musty, acrid stuff from the grocery shelves.

Sally hand chops fresh garlic and coarse kosher salt together, explaining that you can use this garlic salt just as it is for popcorn or sautéed vegetables. She then adds rosemary and sage, chopping everything together with a large chef’s knife. She keeps the amount of salt proportionally low to allow the herb flavors to really come forward.

The fresh mixture can be used immediately on pork or other roasts or you can dry the mixture on a baking sheet overnight. This drying overnight is a key step, as it concentrates the flavors and allows for a longer storage time. Sally goes on to explain how to use other herb mixtures such as a herbs de provence (sans garlic) and as a lark she tried using them in butter cookies. They sounded excellent and I can’t wait to try them!

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Note: At the time of this posting, the audio is off sync on later half of the video.