Look! DIY Buckwheat Pasta

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Because many folks aren’t familiar with using buckwheat groats in their whole-grain form, buckwheat is often ground into its characteristically beautiful grey/brown flour and used in crepes or pancakes. But for a savory dinner option, how about pasta?

Buckwheat flour, on its own, is a great option for people watching their gluten. This recipe does use part all-purpose flour, so it’s not gluten-free, but it’s a great opportunity to experiment and dabble with the earthy, satisfying flavors of buckwheat. Kasey Fleisher-Hickey of Turntable Kitchen describes it as “lovely speckled brown, nutritious and deliciously nutty” and suggests serving these homemade noodles with “earthy mushrooms, vegetables, cheese and butter.” We’re sold. Hickey describes the pasta as “blank canvas” pasta because it is so simple and basic, just begging you to dress it up with your own favorite sauce or seasonal vegetables. Really, you can’t go wrong.

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