Look! Crazy Spaghetti Hot Dogs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ll give you a virtual high five if you can figure out how these were made. They’re part of a group of insane hot dogs we just found over at Woman’s Day

Did you figure it out?

To make these spaghetti hot dogs, you stick raw spaghetti through chunks of hot dog and then boil the whole thing until the noodles are soft. Some of you may find this weirdly off-putting, but we actually think it’s kind of hilarious. And kids would love it.

The spaghetti dogs are actually from a post on BoingBoing, part of a roundup of entertaining hot dog photos over at Woman’s Day. There are dogs topped with macaroni and cheese and one enveloped in a french fry casing.

Go take a look: 10 Off-the-Wall Hot Dogs, at Woman’s Day (via New York Magazine)

Given the bizarre, rainy, un-summer-like weather we’re having right now in New York (no barbecues this weekend), oddball hot dogs seemed an appropriate laugh for the afternoon.

(Image: BoingBoing, via Woman’s Day)