Look! Carrot Cake Ice Cream from David Lebovitz Los Angeles Times

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Carrot cake is one of those desserts we associate very strongly with Easter. The piped carrots and plastic bunnies on the supermarket versions seem to line right up with the spirit of the holiday, and carrot cake’s mass appeal never fails to please a wide range of dinner guests. But what if you want to shake it up a bit? How about carrot cake ice cream?

Yes, it’s only April, but we say it’s never too early for ice cream — especially ice cream from one of our favorite authors and chefs, David Lebovitz. We are big fans of his ice cream recipes; here’s a review of his Guinness Milk Chocolate Ice Cream, for instance.

We love the roguishly creative ice cream recipes from this recent LA Times article, where Lebovitz argues for thinking outside the ice cream carton a bit. He offers a recipe for this carrot cake ice cream (with spiced pecans, candied carrots, and sour cream ice cream base), plus another for buckwheat ice cream (also good with cacao nibs) and a tangy lemon yogurt with bursts of citric acid.

Buckwheat is one ingredient I am still having a hard time liking, and I wonder if sticking it in a sweet ice cream (with honey and caco nibs, perhaps?) is the way to go. What about you? Would you try one of these out-of-the-carton ideas?

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(Image: Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times)