DrawerVac: Built-In Under-Counter Vacuum Drawer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s something new: an undercounter vacuum for your kitchen! We couldn’t quite believe this when we saw it, so we had to show it to you too.

This “vacuum drawer” is designed to be part of a central vacuum system, a feature in some newer homes these days. Instead of lugging around a vacuum cleaner, you have a central vacuum motor in the basement and outlets around the house that you can plug a hose into. We have never used one of these systems so it’s sounds almost sci-fi to us.

The drawer, then, is designed to pulled out from under a countertop so you can sweep away food, crumbs, and other kitchen debris. It looks fabulously convenient, but a luxury that we can’t imagine having. We’ll stick with our dustpan for now!

Have you ever seen a vacuum drawer in action? Or a central vacuum system, for that matter?

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(Images: DrawerVac)