Look! Best Kitchen Corner Cabinet Ever?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I live with a small, tight kitchen that has a lot of its storage tucked into the corners. There are old-fashioned Lazy Susan wheels in several corner cupboards, and they creak and bang and groan. But I didn’t realize there was any other option — until I saw this totally dreamy corner cabinet. Click through to see a video of this dreamboat cupboard in action!

See how the two sets of shelves swivel and slide out? I pretty much swooned when I saw this. (OK, I am a bit of a geek when it comes to kitchen storage!) It makes the whole cupboard completely functional, without any dark back corners to get cluttered and unused.

When my husband and I travel for his work, we usually rent apartments instead of hotel rooms (sometimes it’s even cheaper to get an apartment, especially in Europe!) so I am always scoping out the kitchens and finding interesting ideas. This extremely functional corner cabinet is one that I’d love to take back to my own kitchen with me! Hmm….

(And, by the way, if you need an apartment rental in San Francisco, here is the one we stayed in.)

(Images: Faith Durand)