Look! Behind the Scenes at KCRW’s Good Food

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I had the absolute thrill of spending yesterday morning at KCRW in Santa Monica, hanging with the crew and talent of KCRW’s Good Food as they taped an upcoming segment. It is such a pleasure to watch people work and laugh at the same time. There are a lucky few in the world who have jobs like this. Evan Kleiman and her team of producers and engineers have it nailed.

It struck me that putting together a radio show is a little like cooking a feast for a crowd. The chef takes her inspiration from many sources, brings together the ingredients, and adds flavor. What starts as an idea, and in some cases a mess, ends up in a neat little package for many to enjoy.

You already know what fans we are: we do a round-up Good Food almost weekly. If you don’t already listen to Good Food, you should start now. And by now, I mean now: no need to live in LA. You can download Good Food’s podcasts anytime. I’m listening right now to the December 6, 2008 show that explores the history of the bagel (after a failed attempt at bagels this week in my own kitchen.)

Yesterday Kleiman interviewed a waitress at a famous LA eatery who is retiring after 45 years, a teenager who donates fuel-efficient stoves to families in refugee camps, two handsome young fellows who own a bacon-based restaurant in a what some might still consider the epicenter of LA’s orthodox Jewish community, and an off-the-grid goat farmer making cheese in Oregon. What a great show!

We had a blast getting to know each other. In fact, you might keep your eyes peeled for some Kitchn/Good Food collaborations in the future.

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