Look! Baked Alaska on a Stick

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve had cake pops. We’ve had iPad cookie pops, pie pops, and even cheese and bacon pops.

The latest thing to cross our food-on-a-stick radar, though, has been these mini baked Alaska pops. How completely, utterly yummy and adorable.

Lots of work, though — have you ever made baked Alaska?

Baked Alaska is an old-school, dramatic dessert made up of a layer cake covered with ice cream, smothered in meringue, and quickly baked so as to crisp and brown the meringue. (But not melt the ice cream! Timing is key, obviously.).

We saw these mini versions of baked Alaska (via not martha) and thought they looked adorable and delicious. Tricky, though, to put together — how exactly does the ice cream and cake stay on the stick?

One idea: we thought that perhaps a thin layer cake was frozen with another layer of ice cream on top, then cut into cubes and skewered. Then the whole thing could be swirled in soft meringue and toasted with a kitchen blowtorch. You would probably have to make them to order (hard to re-freeze?) but what a fun project!

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(Image: Matt Armendariz for BizBash)