Look at This Couple’s Engagement Photos from Costco

(Image credit: Kartarsh)

Forget the woodsy, folksy engagement photos of yesterday, and welcome the new trendy thing: engagement photos taken in your favorite warehouse-style grocery store. Nothing says romance like giant vacuum-packed slabs of meat and packs of toilet paper large enough to TP an entire town.

All jokes aside, I understand this couple’s shared devotion to Costco. When you’re into food, you spend a lot of time at the grocery store. After all, nothing really brings people together quite like a meal — so why not welcome your relationship with your grocery store into your engagement photos?

According to the bride’s post on Reddit, she wasn’t really into the idea of engagement photos to begin with, so when their photographer offered to take the photos for free, they thought they might as well have fun with the opportunity.

I’m sure these photos aren’t everyone’s style, but I give major props to this couple for doing their thing. Based on this alone, I bet their wedding is going to be an absolute riot. Cheers to the happy couple!

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