Look at How These Crazy Fake Foods Are Made in Japan

published Jul 2, 2015
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(Image credit: YouTube)

Have you ever walked by a window outside of a restaurant where plates of food are displayed? They’re meant to catch your attention and make you want to eat at the restaurant. But how exactly do they make those plates of food? Is it actually real food, or something … else?

Here’s how display food is made in Japan. It’s seriously mind-blowing.

Don’t worry, the food is definitely not supposed to be eaten. According to the video, the materials used to make this ultra-realistic food are a combination of things like plastic, wax, and paint.

My favorite part of the video is the making of the fake cabbage around 3:30. It’s so insane how the different-colored materials – the whites and the greens – end up making something that looks exactly like cabbage. I would never have guessed looking at the thing that it was fake.

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