Look! A Rubik’s Cube Birthday Cake

published Oct 15, 2012
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Sometimes you find or see something that just makes you want to give a long, slow clap. That’s how I felt when I came across Vicky’s (of the blog S’Tasty) Rubik’s Cube birthday cake. Based on a Battenberg-style cake (a marzipan-covered cake that reveals a check pattern when you cut into it) the different pieces of this cake are dyed in the traditional six colors of the Rubik’s cube. But the kicker is that she decided to have each slice of cake reveal a different combination of colored squares, just like a Rubik’s cube!

How did she pull off this incredible bit of cake design engineering? It took a whole day and some math exercises to get the figuration just right, but she made it happen, as she showcased in this post on her blog. Additionally, Vicky wanted the cake to have some flavor beyond a standard sponge, so she flavored the yellow sections of the cake with grated lemon rind, the orange sections with orange rind, and the pale sponge sections with almond essence.

What a fun and impressive party cake!

Get the Recipe: Rubik’s Battenberg | S’Tasty

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(Images: Vicky of S’Tasty, used with permission)