Look! A Peek at Jamie Oliver's New Kitchen

Look! A Peek at Jamie Oliver's New Kitchen

Dana Velden
Oct 13, 2010

Jamie Oliver has a new cooking show out this fall (currently only available in the UK) for his new book 30-Minute Meals. This also means a new look for his TV kitchen. Click through for a few more shots of this latest Jamie Oliver kitchen, as well as a few older versions for comparison.

OK, we know that this is a TV set and not a real home kitchen. Still, it was fun to fantasize what it might be like to actually have a chance to cook here.

The picture above shows half of the kitchen. We like the waist-height ovens (the one on the right is a microwave), the easy-to-reach spice shelf and the handy pull drawers, as well as the semi-open pantry shelves to the right of the microwave. We also like how the rough brick wall and the modern contemporary cabinets complement each other. The stovetop is located on a large island in the foreground which seems to have plenty of prep space. We imagine that if this were a real home, the kitchen would be a part of an open plan and that this island would bridge the kitchen and living area.

Minor quibbles: We haven't seen it used yet, be we assume the stainless steel panel on the left is a dishwasher, which we normally like located next to the place where the dishes are stored. Also, we usually like a countertop next to our fridge for easy loading and unloading.

This shows the center of the kitchen moving left towards the sink area. We like the switch to stainless steel here, and the fact that the entire counter seems to me made of a simple white marble makes us a little faint from desire. We also like the continuation of the shelf which holds the occasional vintage touches here and there, harkening back to previous JO kitchens.

Finally, in this the far left corner we can see the de rigueur pots of fresh herbs and a set of lovely paned doors. We also like the simple table with mismatched chairs. While the kitchen seems to have a lot of natural light, if this were a real home there probably would be lighting over the table as well as more storage for dishes and glasses. But all-in-all we feel that this look does a good job of creating a contemporary yet homey feel. We would not find it an undue hardship if someone told us we would have to cook here today!

Previously, Jamie Oliver had a very contemporary, all-white cabinet look for the Ministry of Food series (top photo below) and a much more hodge-podge/vintage look for his Jamie at Home show (following two photos.) It seems this new kitchen strikes a nice balance somewhere between these two.

For additional footage of this kitchen (and series teasers for those of us not in the UK), check out some of the 30-Minute Meals promo videos on YouTube. This general introduction to the series shows a lot of the kitchen. You can also watch Jamie expound on fresh herbs, knife skills, serveware, essential equipment, microwaves and reclaiming your kitchen (which has a great tour of the kitchen space.) There's also a fun behind the scenes glimpse into what it takes to put a cooking show. They filmed 4 shows per day, for a total of 40 episodes!

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