Kids Who Cook: A New Kid-Friendly Cooking Website

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There is certainly no shortage of food blogs on the internet. Nor is there a shortage of food shows on television. But websites with a video component geared solely towards kids? Now this is pretty cool.

Kids Who Cook is a new web series geared towards 8-16 year-old kids. It features seven kids who like to cook and who guide viewers through the preparation of their favorite foods. The videos introduce a recipe, go over the ingredients and equipment and offer kid-appropriate tips like how to cook pasta perfectly or how to safely use a grater in the kitchen.

But the site is more than just recipes; it also features how-to videos (think the Food Network but with 12-year olds), food adventures, and contests

“This project has been something that I have wanted to create for a long time,” said producer Giselle Deiaco. “This program will not only teach kids how to make delicious dishes, but it will impart life lessons like being organized, budgeting, numbers and creativity, all done with lots of fun.”

Different tastes, levels of excitement and ethnicities are represented in this varied and dynamic program that I would’ve fallen in love with when I was a kid. Each recipe is easy enough to prepare at home using common ingredients. Kitchen inspiration for the young set? What’s not to like?