Look! A Diner-Style Thanksgiving

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We all do things differently when it comes to Thanksgiving. Some serve cake instead of pie, others fry their turkey instead of bake it. We all make it our own while still hanging onto a bit of tradition or nostalgia. But what happens when you let most of that tradition go? We’ll tell you what: bottles of Coke and turkey sliders.

Sunset Magazine recently did a little feature on a Diner-Style Thanksgiving celebration complete with Turkey Sliders with Cranberry Mustard for one of the main dishes, Fried Green Beans and Shallot Rings and Pumpkin Bourbon Shakes.

The table is adorned with name tags made from guest checks and fries are served in diner-style baskets. For some, this may be straying a bit too far from what their Thanksgiving table usually looks like. For others, this may be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Where do you stand?