A CSA for Canned Local Produce

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) are something many of us are familiar with. CSAs are programs where customers pay farmers to share in their harvest (usually in the form of a farm box that is delivered or picked up at a farmers market). But this model of purchasing food has gone beyond weekly bundles of squash and kale — I’ve seen weekly share programs evolve into meat, cheese and pasta CSAs. And now for the first time, a company in Boulder, CO has started something really new — a CSA for preserved goods.

In their August 2012 issue, Sunset Magazine highlighted MM Local, a company in Boulder. Their products can be purchased in retail stores, but their CSA program is a little more novel. Customers can opt to receive 18 to 120 yearly jars of seasonal canned produce ranging from plums to peaches to high desert peppers.

Each jar of pickles, carrots, beets or pears has a little map on the top of the jar that shows which local farms the produce came from. We hope this Harvest Share Program begins to catch on countrywide. They promise to have “products [that] will always be delicious – highly nutritious, the best quality, organic whenever possible, natural, hand-crafted. We work to bring more delicious to our own lives and those of our consumers, and try not to take ourselves too seriously in doing it.”

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