Look! A Cozy Bacon Wrap

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve seen other examples of “wearable” bacon in years past, but this bacon wrap really takes the cake…er…the bacon. The holidays are coming – is this something you’d like to give or receive?!

We really must applaud Lady Linoleum of the blog Monster Crochet for this masterful tribute to one of our favorite breakfast (or anytime) foods! Only someone as intimately familiar with bacon as we are could replicate its asymmetrical and dual-toned qualities quite so precisely.

We’re not quite sure where this bacon fad came from, but we sure get a kick out of the heights of craftiness it has inspired. Kudos to Lady Linolium and this almost-good-enough-to-eat winter wear!

• Bacon Wrap on Monster Crochet via the MAKE blog.

(Image: Bacon Wrap from Monster Crochet)