Look! A Countertop Solution for Short Cooks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We had a lively discussion a couple days ago about these cutting boards on risers for tall cooks who have to bend uncomfortably over their standard-issue countertops. But what about extra-short cooks? Well, reader Cheryl sent us this photo of her own solution.

Cheryl says:

I’m short (5’0″) and had an area of shorter height (30″) butcher block countertop built into my kitchen remodel. I love it!

Nice! We really like this, Cheryl. Of course, this is only an option for cooks in the unique position of remodeling their kitchens, but it could be approximated by putting a lower kitchen cart or sideboard in your kitchen.

I have a breakfast nook with a low table where I do some of my more energetic or difficult kitchen work (like kneading bread).

Petite cooks — have you found other solutions for making your kitchen work well? Do you use a footstool to access storage, for instance?

This whole discussion about kitchens that fit also reminds me of a piece last year in the New York Times on a brilliantly designed kitchen in France for Jean-Yves Prodel, who uses a wheelchair. The piece discussed some of the ways to make kitchens more suited to children, the elderly, and others who don’t fit a narrow set of “average” specifications. There’s a long step between being short (or tall!) and having a disability challenge, of course, but there is some overlap in the discussion when it comes to kitchens, and that article is worth a re-read!

(Image: Cheryl via email)