Look! 2-Ingredient Maple Hazelnut Butter

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This recipe caught my eye because it relies on just two ingredients and, truthfully, I don’t often think of the flavors of maple and hazelnut together. Maple and almonds? Yes. Maple and pecans? Sure. But hazelnuts never snuck in there for some reason. In describing her recipe, Becky Rosenthal of The Vintage Mixer suggests the following: 

Match this hazelnut butter up with sliced bananas on a baguette or thin a little out with milk to make a sauce for banana pancakes. Use this as a base in a fig tart, or mix with a raspberry vinaigrette for a more complex summer salad dressing. 

I’m sold. I will say that the timing instructions are a little vague in the recipe, and I’m always surprised how long it takes nut butter to process in my food processor before becoming creamy and smooth. It often takes 7-9 minutes for me, actually, and the processor will get pretty warm, so if you want to give it a break in-between it may not be a bad idea. 

Get the Recipe → Maple Hazelnut Butter | The Vintage Mixer

Do you have a favorite nut butter recipe?