The New Yorker Goes Deep on Gluten-Free Diets

(Image credit: Emily Han)

The New Yorker is taking on the gluten-free epoch we find ourselves in, and it’s fascinating.

Not only are there some staggering numbers — gluten-free sales will surpass 15 billion by 2016 — but they go for the question of why gluten, which we’ve been eating for thousands of years, is apparently so bad now.

This week is The New Yorker’s annual food issue, which is always a treat to read. And this year, in addition to sharing the recipe for City Bakery’s pretzel croissants, they are doing a deep-dive into gluten-free eating.

The article is an interesting read for anyone who has considered going gluten-free or who suffers from celiac disease. It examines whether or not genetic modification of wheat plants could be to blame, or whether it’s the way gluten reacts with other foods that is the primary cause.

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