Cooking Long Pasta in a Short Pot: Is Breaking Noodles Bad Form?

updated May 2, 2019
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(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

There you sit with long noodles and only a short pot in which to boil them. Suddenly the age old conflict of breaking your noodles or not is upon you. Some say it’s bad luck, some say it’s bad form. Where do you stand?

Most Italians will tell you that breaking noodles is bad luck. Some folks are ok with the chaos that noodle breaking might create and snap away to make everything fit in so they can walk away from the stove. (Let’s face it: the 5 minutes it takes for pasta to boil you can get several things accomplished! Plus, sometimes it’s easier for pasta to be twirled up on a fork when it’s shorter anyway, right?)

If you want to avoid breaking your pasta and want it all in a pot, try adding it in, waiting a few minutes once boiling and the rest of the noodle should be soft enough to fold down into your pot.

Where do you stand on the pasta breaking front? Are you a breaker and a snapper or do you leave those long starchy strands whole? Let us know below!