Long-Lasting Bread: Would You Eat It?

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

There’s big news today in the world of food development: a bread that can last up to 60 days before it develops mold. It could help cut food waste enormously. But would you eat it?

Scientists have developed a method of essentially microwaving bread which kills the spores that produce mold. Normally, store-bought bread molds in about 10 days. This treatment would significantly increase the life span of an average slice of bread. Since bread ranks high on the foods we tend to throw away, this could mean a large dent in food waste. But, would you try it?

Some varieties of store-bought bread are filled with preservatives to help combat against spoilage. The scientists behind this method believe, however, that bread makers could cut back on preservatives and other additives and use this technique to prolong shelf life instead. What it will do to the taste, on the other hand, is unclear.

In the meantime, why not practice how to store and put old bread to good use?