This Affordable Kitchen Tool From Loisa Makes Super-Crispy Tostones a Breeze

published Nov 17, 2022
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Loisa Tostonera
Credit: Loisa

Here at Kitchn, we absolutely love it when a brand that we’re already obsessed with ventures into a new product category. Whether it’s a ceramics maker creating a glassware line or an olive oil purveyor expanding into ice cream, it’s always a treat to see where these editor-favorite brands are going to go next. So, when I saw that Loisa — a Kitchn-favorite brand for authentic Latin American spice blends and sauces — had launched a line of cookware, I was immediately intrigued. I live in Puerto Rico, where some of my favorite local goodies are tostones: plantains that are boiled, then smashed, then fried. I never thought I’d figure out how to successfully make them myself, but it turns out, I was wrong! I took Loisa’s new tostonera for a test spin, and I can’t believe how easy (and fun) it is to use.

I’d tried tostones-making hacks such as smashing the plantains with heavy jars and cans before, but I always wound up with uneven, flat plantains that were too thick in some spots and too thin in others. The result? A bunch of overcooked or undercooked pieces, not to mention a huge mess. But not with Loisa’s tostonera. My family and I cooked with it together, and we actually had a great time. No one got frustrated or cranky — I can’t remember the last time that happened when we were all in the kitchen at once! The rounded handle makes it easy to grasp and bring down on the plantains, and the elegant bamboo construction does a fantastic job of producing uniformly smashed tostones. I scooped them out of the oil with Loisa’s silicone-and-bamboo skimmer (which I absolutely adore), sprinkled some salt on top, and chowed down. The tostones were crispy, perfectly cooked, and just as tasty as any restaurant version I’ve eaten. Buen provecho, indeed.

The new cookware line also includes a mortar and pestle that comes with a colorful silicone ring to keep it stable on your countertop, along with a masher that I can’t wait to introduce to some avocados for guacamole. The entire line is available in vibrant orange, green, and yellow, and you can buy each piece on its own or opt for a set. And, just like with Loisa’s design-your-own spice bundle, you can go with one color or mix and match.

Whether you’re an expert at whipping up tostones or a newbie just learning the basics, this essential tool will make your time in the kitchen so much easier and more enjoyable, not to mention your creations more delicious. Stumped for what to get your favorite home cook this holiday season? Look no further than this affordable find … and then invite yourself over for tostones and guacamole!

Buy: Tostonera, $40