The Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan You’ll Use All Year Round Is on Major Sale (and It’s So Easy to Clean!)

published May 20, 2024
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overhead shot of salmon served over white rice and bok choy.
Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe ; Food Stylist: James Park

With Memorial Day right around the corner, we’ll bet you’re already thinking about all the recipes you can’t wait to cook over the long holiday weekend. Burgers, steaks, hot dogs, grilled veggies — it’s all fair game for your next outdoor get-together. Even if you don’t have access to an outdoor grill, there’s no need to feel held back from the fun of summer barbecue season. There are great indoor alternatives, some of which we’ve covered here on The Kitchn. We’re specifically talking about grill pans, which are perfect for kitchens of all sizes. We recently came across the Lodge Blacklock cast iron grill pan on QVC’s website. Not only is it exactly what we had in mind, but it’s also on sale! For a limited time, you can save 30% on this cookware essential. And given that QVC products often sell out fast, you don’t want to wait before acting on this deal.

What Is the Lodge Blacklock Cast Iron Grill Pan?

Made of sturdy cast iron, this highly versatile piece of cookware brings the outdoors in, letting you prepare all your favorite summertime eats on the stove. The pan measures 20 inches long and 13 inches wide, which means you’ll have plenty of surface area on which to prepare a variety of eats, from veggies to cuts of meat. Other grill pans we’ve covered in the past have typically featured short side handles, but this one has the typical single long handle, so you can maneuver it without fear of getting burned. With this purchase, you not only get the pan, itself, but you also get a care kit. That includes a scraper, a 6-ounce bottle of canola oil seasoning spray, and a scrub brush. With these tools, you’ll be able to keep your pan in tip-top shape for years, even amid daily use. The care kit only makes this deal that much sweeter.

Credit: QVC

Why You’ll Love the Lodge Blacklock Cast Iron Grill Pan

By now, you’ve heard us go on and on about Lodge’s cast iron material. The cast iron grill pan is surprisingly low-maintenance — especially when you consider how well it works. Once you set out all of your ingredients, such as zucchini strips, bell pepper rings, and strips of meat, you just need a pair of tongs to flip them after a few minutes. It’s high-temp grilling made easy! You’ll also notice that your food develops those appetizing sear marks, just like they would from a regular outdoor grill. Additionally, the pan allows for a much quicker cleanup than the traditional grilling method. And, the more you use it, the better it’ll get at frying, searing, browning, and grilling. Plus, you can comfortably use the rest of your stove at the same time to prepare other meals, as the pan will only take up a single burner.

With all of these amazing qualities in mind, it’s not hard to see why $69 is such a great deal for Lodge’s cast iron grill pan. It’s a product whose cost per use will eventually become totally insignificant, purely based on how much you’re bound to love it and use it.

Buy: Lodge 12” Blacklock Cast Iron Grill Pan with Care Kit, $68.99 ($98)