Local Flavor: Food Photos That Tell a Story

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Can a single dish or meal capture the spirit of a particular place? Or even just a particular moment in time? That’s the idea behind this photo montage from the new online photography website, Pictory. These are more than just gorgeous shots of food – they tell a story, too!

The thirty-four pictories, or picture-stories, in this collection come from all over the globe – from Portland, Oregon to Cairo, Egypt. Each one gives us a little glimpse into someone’s daily routine and the city where they live. We love the shot of dirty hands at a crab boil and of people enjoying an evening dinner break on a dock in Thailand – each photo is special in its own way.

As we scrolled through the gallery, we couldn’t help but think about what food or dish we’d pick to represent our own “local flavor.” A piece of buttered toast at midnight, perhaps! Or a dish of paw paw ice cream in a shout out to Southern Ohio.

What would a snapshot of your local flavor look like?

Visit the Gallery! Local Flavor – Your Best Photo Stories from Pictory

(Image: Kevin Meredith via Pictory)