Lobster Tower and Pumpkin Soup: Readers’ Wedding Food The New York Times

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you peeked at the slideshow of wedding food from New York Times readers? No? It’s worth taking a look! The Times put out a call for unique or homemade wedding food from their readers’ weddings, to accompany their feature on “down-home” wedding food — the trend of serving local, seasonal, or more homey types of food at weddings. So they asked to see some of their readers’ own choices, and we’ve picked out a few of our favorites.

Having thrown our own “down-home” style wedding last year, complete with a homemade wedding cake (two, actually), ice cream, and seasonal vegetables and herbed pork tenderloin served family-style, we can attest to the fact that this kind of food isn’t a lot cheaper than the traditional surf and turf of a fancy wedding. But we do think there’s something fun and rather satisfying about really putting your own ideas and preferences into a big dinner party for friends (it’s what a reception is at its heart, after all), and we were intrigued and impressed by some of these examples from Times readers.

• 1 A lobster bake on the beach in Massachusetts. (Image: Paul McEvoy)
• 2 Food made by the bride and groom! The bride and groom made nine sweets and nine savories as gifts to their guests. Candied bacon! (Image: D. Nguyen)
• 3 An entire roasted pig…as an appetizer during cocktail hour! In Seattle (Image: Photo Elan)
• 4 A pet hedgehog named Nestle rendered as a wedding cake in Seattle. (Image: Daniel Waugh)
• 5 Blue-colored lemonade in Mexico. Nice 4th of July idea: who needs blue-colored liqueurs anyway? Just dye your margarita blue… (Image: Patricia Pendergrass)

• 6 A homemade Roman oven! The bride’s father built a pizza oven and served all the guests pizza in the garden. (Image: Susan DiManno)
• 7 A wedding “cake” made from lobsters with a plasma screen underneath running an aquarium simulation. In Virginia. (Image: Brian L. Lichoric)
• 8 Pumpkin soup served with pepitas and croutons at a kibbutz in Israel. (Image: Eliyahu Yanai)

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Did you serve “down-home” food at your wedding? Have you seen any particularly good ideas for feeding a crowd creatively and in a nourishing way lately?

Image: D. Nguyen for The New York Times