How To Deal With Living Near Extreme Food Smells?

How To Deal With Living Near Extreme Food Smells?

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 7, 2009

As we made mention yesterday, we've recently decided to move. What we neglected to say is that it's less than 50ft from a Folgers coffee plant. Although it sounds like a dreamy, caffeine induced, fairy tale, the novelty of it has already worn off. Our clothes, the interior of our car, our linens and vacuum cleaner, all smell of coffee! Sure there are worse things by far, but...'s so much coffee! We didn't think the coffee smell was so strong, but the previous tenants did have an assortment of smells going on in the apartment. Once we banished all of those, the glorious coffee shown right through.

We're partially worried about it tainting the food we're cooking (since cooking is really 30% smell) or eventually doing damage to taste buds. Sure, that sounds a bit extreme and no we're not planning on licking the actual factory by any means, but if it has already worked it's way into every other part of our home, it stands to reason the kitchen is next!

We're worried about foods that could easily pick up the smell, breads (especially while rising) or eggs and fruits that sit out on the counter. We've been leaving out small bowls of white vinegar in out of the way places, spraying linens with vodka and keeping the windows closed, but none of it is really helping.

Have you ever lived near strong food smells? A restaurant? Fast Food? How did you cope with the daily bombardment of your senses? We're all ears!

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(Image: Shalina Gourmet Coffee)

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