10 Little Luxuries for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List This Year

published Dec 15, 2020
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Here at Kitchn, we write a lot about little luxuries. These are usually extravagant-but-inexpensive little trinkets that are nice to have but not typically something that someone would think to (or specifically set out to) buy for themselves, like a sponge holder or a spoon rest. As you’ve certainly noticed, everything is different this year — so it only makes sense that our list of little luxuries would look a bit different too. (We never thought we’d be suggesting a key chain to hold a mini bottle of hand sanitizer! And yet, here we are.) This year’s list has a few practical kitchen finds, things to make trips to the grocery store easier, and just a few small pick-me-ups that everyone deserves right about now.

Please allow us to present this short list of little luxuries … for the year that was 2020.

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was $20.00

Material makes one of our favorite plastic cutting boards and one of the nonstick-iest nonstick pans we've ever used. And just a few weeks ago, the direct-to-consumer cookware brand also released a spatula. Not just any old spatula, though — a spatula that's been a few years in the making, and the efforts behind it show. It's perfectly bendy in all the right ways, angled just right to get under food, comfortable to hold, and oh-so gorgeous. We're sure there's someone on your shopping list who will appreciate this as much as we do!

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Here's that hand sanitzer keychain we "teased" at the top of this post. Order one for every designated grocery shopper on your list so that they always have easy access to freshly sanitized hands.

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Rifle Paper Co.

A scrunchie on a food site? Yes! Because that's how long-haired home cooks keep their hair from getting into their food! This is a new addition from our friends at Rifle Paper Co. and we just think it's super cute. You wouldn't exactly give someone a boring pack of black elastic ties, but this is definitely gift-worthy.

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When most coffee shops closed for the stay-at-home orders in the spring, we realized that an inexpensive milk frother was key for barista-level drinks at home. If you know someone who is still trying to figure out how to perfect their go-to order at home, this can help.

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was $17.99

We used to love the idea of a cute tea towel as a little luxury, but this year is all about utility. And these Swedish dishcloths are way more absorbent and practical. Plus, they're still pretty cute.

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Trade Street Jam Co.

A list of little luxuries can't exist without at least one special grocery item! So we present this ridiculously good jam! It's best with roasted meats or veggies, mixed into a salsa, or even in a cocktail (Old Fashioned!). Note: The company has been slammed with orders (a testament to how great its jams are!) so orders placed now will be filled the first week of January. Honestly, it's worth the wait. And who doesn't love a bonus present at the start of the New Year?

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Because everyone's trying to fun-up their WFH desk! This little accessory looks like a mug of hot chocolate, only the marshmallows are push pins!

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Uncommon Goods

Yes, cutting back on single-use plastic is important. But trying to open those plastic produce bags the grocery store provides WITHOUT licking your fingers is darn near impossible. These bags help with both of those issues. And they're cheeky. Again, get these for any designated grocery shopper you know.

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One more extra-special ingredient for the list. It's no secret how much we love Maldon Sea Salt around here (the stuff is so perfectly flaky!). This stuff is a step up, with it's added smoky flavor! Send a box to anyone who's missing summer grilling this winter.

10 / 10

If anyone on your shopping list got into bread baking during quarantine, chances are, they'll need a good-quality lame. This one is wildly regarded as one of the best out there. Trust us, it's not a lame gift. Get it? (Sorry, we need more human interaction.)