7 Little Luxuries (For $7 or Less) That Are Making Kitchn Editors Smile These Days

published Mar 31, 2020
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After being hunkered down in our homes for the better part of the past two weeks, the Kitchn editors have started to take stock of the small things that make our kitchens or our cooking just a tiny bit better. It really is the little things these days. I challenged my coworkers to name the best little luxuries in their kitchens. The guidelines? It has to cost $7 or less and it has to make them smile when they use it or look at it. None of these things will break the bank, but each staffer said their hearts would be broken without them.

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1. Olive Wood Condiment Pinch Bowl

“I treated myself to this small wooden pinch bowl recently to make seasoning food easier. That might sound a bit silly, but it really does make salt easier to access and turns cooking into more of an experience. I grab a pinch out of my fancy new bowl, sprinkle it into whatever I’m cooking with a fancy flourish, and feel like a TV chef. It only cost $7 and makes me feel so lush — so I think it’s a worthy investment.” Jesse Szewczyk, Studio Food Editor

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2. Dot & Army Dish Scrubbies

“These dish scrubbies are an easy way to ditch kitchen sponges for something more eco-friendly. They are robust enough to get baked-on bits off and you can wash them in the dishwasher or washing machine. Plus, seeing the cute colors on my sink makes me happy.” Meghan Splawn, Associate Food Editor

Buy: Dish Scrubbies, $28 for 5 ($5.60 each) from Dot & Army

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3. Command Clear Hooks

“I got these Command Hooks and used them to hang my oven mitts on the back of a cabinet door. I once tried the same hack for measuring spoons and hated it because the spoons clanged around every time I opened the door. But oven mitts are quiet. And I love that I don’t have to waste drawer space. I had four hooks leftover so I used them hold two of my most frequently used pot lids.” Lisa Freedman, Lifestyle Director

Buy: Command Clear Hooks, $7 for six

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4. Scotch-Brite Dishwand

“I don’t have a dishwasher and I don’t wear gloves (which I’ll probably regret at some point), so I love this dishwand, which keeps my hands from morphing into giant prunes. Or at least less prune-y than they’d be without it. I love the control I have with the dishwand; I can put more force behind it and really clean things. And it’s actually pretty fun to use!” Ariel Knutson, Features Director

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5. HIC Wavy Slicer

“I recently impulse bought a crinkle cutter! I’ve been using it on everything — potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, kohlrabi, even apples. It’s perhaps the best $7 I’ve spent on anything. Ever.” Kelli Foster, Associate Food Editor

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6. Zero Waste Produce Bags

“I’d been feeling guilty because I diligently bring reusable shopping bags but then always grab the plastic bags in the produce section for my fruits and veggies. These are washable and I’ve been especially happy to bring my own bags (for produce and in the bulk section for dry goods) to the grocery store lately.” Sheela Prakash, Senior Contributing Food Editor

Buy: Zero Waste Produce Bags, $5.25 for 1 medium bag at Eco Roots

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7. Lodge Silicone Handle Holder

“I recently bought one of these silicone handles for my cast iron skillet! I usually just grab a kitchen towel to protect my hand but after a bad burn from using a damp towel, I ordered this. Now I love it.” Patty Catalano, Contributing Food Editor

Buy: Lodge Silicone Handle Holder,$3.50

What’s the best $7 you ever spent on your kitchen?