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This Is the *Only Thing I Want in My Stocking This Year

published Dec 24, 2020
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Christmas stockings hanging by the chimney
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Typically, my family has a traditional Christmas morning breakfast of … nothing. Around the time that my siblings and I stopped waking our parents up at the crack of dawn to open presents, the roles reversed and our parents started waking us up at what felt like the crack of dawn, with just enough time to roll out of bed and make it to church for 9 a.m. mass. An hour later we’d return home, rush to open gifts and stockings, and pile into the car to head a few hours away to our cousins’ house at the Jersey shore.

It certainly wasn’t the kind of leisurely Christmas morning you’d see depicted in a coffee bean commercial, but with the promise of my aunt and uncle’s “Roast Beast” on the horizon, who needs Belgian waffles?

Without time for a sit-down breakfast, I started a breakfast tradition of my own: devouring multiple Lindt Lindor Truffles from my Christmas stocking. If there’s any day that chocolate for breakfast is acceptable, it’s Christmas, right? And let me tell you: When the first thing you eat for the day is the creamiest drugstore truffle known to man, you know it’s gonna be a good day.

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That’s why the only thing I want in my stocking this year is an assortment of Lindor Truffles. For obvious reasons, we won’t be heading anywhere for the holidays. No church and no traveling certainly means there will be ample time for breakfast. (Perhaps waffles are on the horizon, after all?) But for me, it just won’t feel like Christmas unless the first thing I eat are as many Lindor Truffles as possible. (My favorite are the dark chocolate ones in the royal blue wrapper, in case anyone is wondering.)

These are the best stocking stuffer for multiple reasons; I’ll name 10, though.

  1. They make a wonderful (if not balanced) breakfast.
  2. They start your day in a fancy way.
  3. They’re easy to find at major stores.
  4. They come in SO many flavors.
  5. They are the perfect size for nestling inside a stocking.
  6. There’s not a person in the world who doesn’t like them.
  7. They’re budget-friendly.
  8. You can spread one bag amongst multiple stockings for efficiency.
  9. They’re wrapped like little mini presents.
  10. They are shaped like Christmas ornaments.

For fellow Lindor Truffle aficionados, you might like to know that there are dedicated Lindt Chocolate Shops around the country (where the selection is out of this world). But, as I mentioned, you can find a regular pouch of the premium goods at most grocery and convenience stores too. It’s why they’re the best.

No, this is not an ad. I just love them so. Feel free to list more reasons why Lindor Truffles are the best in the comments below.