Actress Lili Reinhart Taste-Tested Mountain Dew-Inspired Products on “Jimmy Fallon” and Her Reactions Are Hilarious

published Aug 11, 2022
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Headshot of Lili Reinhart at Tiffany event
Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

It’s frustrating when you want to do the Dew and you can’t — and unfortunately, such is life for Lili Reinhart. The Riverdale actress tweeted that she couldn’t find Mountain Dew, her favorite soft drink, while attending Coachella, despite her extensive late-night search to snag a sip of the citrus soda. 

While the festival took place in April, Jimmy Fallon addressed the saga on a recent episode of his talk show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, giving Reinhart the chance to check out a few more products inspired by the Dew. 

Adding to the fun, Moo-Ville creamery in Michigan got in on the action, sending Fallon its Mountain Dew-inspired ice cream Mountain Moo. And while the actress’s verdict was that she wouldn’t “go out of my way” to have the dessert again, the talk show host eagerly went back in for a second spoonful. For the grown-ups watching, the team was also shocked to realize they actually didn’t mind a cocktail made with Mountain Dew-inspired vodka — aptly named Dude (although we think it should be Dewd) — from Three Olives in Jersey City.

Don’t think that all of the products were just Dew-inspired, though. One of Fallon’s selections was actually from the beverage brand, known for frequently updating its ever-changing lineup. However, Dew purist Reinhart wasn’t thrilled with the Flamin’ Hot drink, noting the orange soda with a chaser of cayenne pepper left a burn that definitely lived up to its Cheetos namesake. The lime-scented Mountain Dew-flavored lip balm, on the other hand, she found to be “OK” and moisturizing, giving it a 6/10, while Jimmy liked it enough to bump it up to 7/10.

If given the chance, would you do any of these Dew-inspired products? We just might!

Watch the full clip below to make your decision.