The $24 Amazon Gem You’ll Want for All Your Summer Cookouts (It Was Bought More Than 3,000 Times Last Month!)

published Jun 4, 2024
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Prop Stylist: Stephanie Yeh

When it comes to entertaining, you have to put a little extra thought into it during the summer. Cookouts and outdoor happy hours are the best part of the warmer months, but the weather does make it a little tricky to keep everything fresh and cool. Most gatherings will last at least a couple of hours, so you don’t want to spend that time stressing about your snacks getting warm and going bad.

Coolers aren’t the only tool that you need on hand for get-togethers (though we do have plenty of recommendations if you’re in need of one). I just found an ingenious gadget that’ll make storing and serving your condiments, appetizers, ingredients, and so on an absolute breeze — and it’ll keep them in tip-top shape from the start of your cookout to its finish. It’s an even better deal because it’s going for just $24. It appears that Amazon shoppers have caught on, since over 3,000 of them have purchased it in the last month. Here’s why the Lifewit Ice Chilled Condiment Caddy needs to go straight into your cart before we get too far into summer.

What Is the Lifewit Ice Chilled Condiment Caddy?

A ton of factors make this find incredibly clever. For one, the lower compartment holds ice cubes that’ll keep the contents inside the bins (which hold 2.5 cups each) fresh for hours. The removable lids help with that, too. There are five sections in total, and each one can be taken out of the ice tray for easier access. When you need to dump out and replace the ice, all you have to do is take out the smaller sections — and their removability also helps with washing later on. The clear, BPA-free plastic ensures that everything is easy to see, and it gives the caddy a sleek, minimalist look. 

Beyond gatherings, this caddy is the perfect addition to your regular dinners or even your bar cart. It can turn into a hot dog or pizza toppings station, garnish tray, fruit and veggie holder, and a taco bar. What a score!

Credit: Lifewit

What Amazon Shoppers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.7/5

“Containers are large enough to store a good amount of garnishes and condiments that should last the entire event with little to no refilling required. The clear plastic makes everything easy to see, and there is plenty of room for ice on the bottom. Everything feels sturdy, and the smooth corners make clean up very easy since there are no sharp inside corners where things could eventually collect and build up. Leftovers can stay in their compartments and go right into the fridge for storage.” — Amazon Customer

“Love, love, love. Got it for a Bloody Mary bar but so many uses. I plan to buy more to share or give as gifts.” — Prutha Davis

“Bought this for a potluck at work, and used for fruit. It fit the perfect amount of fruit in each department. Can’t wait to use for taco nights and other event is the future!” — JoAnna Trigger

It’s no wonder why so many shoppers have snagged this caddy lately. Beyond cookouts and picnics, it’s a must-have if you like to snack throughout the day. Trust me, the $24 price will seem like nothing once you find yourself using it every day.