Life Goal: Taste 1,000 Kinds of Fruit

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Blogger extraordinaire, Maggie Mason, has done quite a lot to encourage the idea of a “life list” — the things you want to make time for and check off your “someday I’ll…” mental list. Hers includes one thing I really admire and applaud (especially during Fruit Week!): Maggie wants to taste 1,000 different fruits!

Her travels have taken her around the world, where she has tasted diverse things like cherry guava, chico, mangosteen, rose apples and huckleberries. It’s so fun to watch her make her way through fruit after fruit; it inspires me to try something similar!

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How many different fruits do you think you’ve tasted in your life?

(Images: Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl)